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Even though the weather was very sunny and warm this week, some raindrops mostly during the night made the decision whether to water the plants not so straight forward. Finally, I decided to water them on Friday evening.


Hi Annelie,

There was plenty of rain today, so no need for watering. Next watering (my turn) due in 3/4 days, which will be next Tues/Wed.



I watered the sunflowers today and I came across with a very pleasant surprise. Most of them have started growing and already the first leaves were visible.

Already after three days sprouts could be seen in the planting field!

Dawn watered the plants yesterday and when I got to the plot today to trimm the grass,  the first sprouts could be seen!:)

One cup coffie in the sunset, planning next week watering schedule. Next watering will be on Tuesday evening, performed by Moyses.
My son Rasmus came by and took the photo.