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This little fellow lived under a cardboard box I used for some weeks ago.  It tried to crawl back into the shadow every time I turned  the box so the sun. All the sunflowers have buds now and I hope that the sun will keep on shining!

On the way back home I met Arian who lives there, nice fellow that will join in the project!

DragonflyThis little dargonfly kept me company today. I was just stepping out of the doorway equipted with the grasstrimmer when It entered my shoulder and attached itself to my backpack.

First I thought I needed to wipe it away, but luckely I realised that it could sit there – if it would like it! So I started walking and the little fellow sat on my shoulder all the way to the sunflowerfied and during the next hours. At least 2 hours time I spent on trimming the grass and looking after the plants. But it wouldn´t go back home with me, it flew away before I needed to put on my backpack again! I wonder what it was going on in it´s little mind? Maybee it was just taking a little nap?;)

The sunflowers are growing, some are as hight as 50 cm, I had to loosen the fence around several plants. But others are quite small only 20-30 cm…I tried to make it more comportable for them by prepare grass around them, we´ll see if that helps.
I hope that the warmth that is promised the next couple of days will make them prosper!

Since the weather is so rainy and cold the sunflowers might not grow as high as I have hoped for, there is also a risk that the seeds are not for taller flowers!:(  Anyway I´m sure I´ll be able to use the project in the exhibition some way.

Moyses, Dawn and I met and we tested if the watertube would reach the plants from NIkos house, it did and we had about twenty meters left on the carriage!:)








After that i tried to start the new trimmer, but I failed or if the machine did?  I´ll have to take it back to the store and ask them for help or a new one!:(


Already after three days sprouts could be seen in the planting field!

Dawn watered the plants yesterday and when I got to the plot today to trimm the grass,  the first sprouts could be seen!:)

One cup coffie in the sunset, planning next week watering schedule. Next watering will be on Tuesday evening, performed by Moyses.
My son Rasmus came by and took the photo.