This little fellow lived under a cardboard box I used for some weeks ago.  It tried to crawl back into the shadow every time I turned  the box so the sun. All the sunflowers have buds now and I hope that the sun will keep on shining!

On the way back home I met Arian who lives there, nice fellow that will join in the project!

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Today the sun has been shining on the plants and they´re growing, some fast, some slow…various quality of the seeds I guess. Some are very powerful and have now grown over the fence. Moysis brought some student from the camp to look at the field, they were enthusiastic about the art project and I´m sure …

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Rainy Friday!

One  more day that there was plan to water the sunflowers but nature took nicely care of that. It has been a rainy July and it seems that this trend continues also in August. Some of the sunflowers  have grown up really fast but a few of them struggle to do so.

In the following pictures you can see some of them and the whole sunflower garden in total. It is very interesting to observe that all of them look towards the sun. I have taken this picture on purpose because it is amazing to see how they realize the direction of the sun and look towards to it.