Rainy Friday!

One  more day that there was plan to water the sunflowers but nature took nicely care of that. It has been a rainy July and it seems that this trend continues also in August. Some of the sunflowers  have grown up really fast but a few of them struggle to do so.

In the following pictures you can see some of them and the whole sunflower garden in total. It is very interesting to observe that all of them look towards the sun. I have taken this picture on purpose because it is amazing to see how they realize the direction of the sun and look towards to it.

Hi Annelie,

The plot looks fine today, and I took some photos that I´ve just sent to your email adress (File factory link). I took quite a few, but it´s good to have choice I think!


Hi Dawn!

Thank you for looking after the plot, good to hear that it looks fine and thanks for the pictures!:) I´ll put up a few on the blog, it took so long time to download..on the countryside!;)

Even though the weather was very sunny and warm this week, some raindrops mostly during the night made the decision whether to water the plants not so straight forward. Finally, I decided to water them on Friday evening.


Hi Annelie,

There was plenty of rain today, so no need for watering. Next watering (my turn) due in 3/4 days, which will be next Tues/Wed.



I watered the sunflowers today and I came across with a very pleasant surprise. Most of them have started growing and already the first leaves were visible.