Between my studio and my home,  this odd settlement occured to me one day when I was cycling through.

I found out that it was a student-campuscomprising about 70 small baracks, emerging at the end of an uphill slope on the closed motorway Oscarsrogatan, in Solna. The road was built – is now used as a mobile home for students from all over the world.

I´ve been walking around the aerea, fascinated by the bare and otherwise feeling this little village inspire me to.

The idea to plant a sunflowerfield to cheer the place up and bring a celebration to it, arose in me. I thought it would also be nice to try to involve the inhabitants in the project.  With that in mind I wrote the following invitation and pasted it on their common laundry-cabin. Knocked on a few doors to distribut it personaly. I had a few possitive responses and was I promised to take water from the ones house.
I felt content and happy to arrange this event!

Here are the invitation:

Hi students!

Do you want to plant a small sunflower field with me next Wednesday 6/6-12?

My name is Annelie Wallin, I´m an artist and I´m planning to grow a sunflowerfield here at the end of your campus, towards the motorway, during the summer.

It´s an artproject and I´m going to document the process of the work and the growth of the seeds with video and photography. In autumn the piece is to be shown in an exhibition at Designens Hus on Telefonplan, Stockholm.

I would be very happy if you would like to participate, help me dig some holes or plant the seedboms. I would also be very greatful if I could get some water from you!

If your are interested please send me an email on:

or just show up the 6:th of june at 11 o´clock.

Check out my website to se other guerillaplantings I´ve done:

I hope to see you next Wednesday!:)
Annelie Wallin

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