Seedboms over Huvudsta sunflowerfield.

At last spring has come and it´s time to throw the seedbombs I made during the winter.

This year I´ve decided to grow sunflowers in a more bohemian way than last year. My inspiration is the Japanese farmer and biologist Masanobu FukouMasanobu Fukoukaka who recommended no-till, he developed a method referred to as “Do-nothing Farming”.

Masanobu Fukuoka (福岡 正信?) (2 February 1913 – 16 August 2008) was a Japanese farmer and philosopher celebrated for his natural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands. Läs mer på wikipedia

Seedbombs recipie:

Compound clay powder, compost and seeds in relation 5:1:1. Moudle balls or any other shape that you prefer.

Down under here you see me performing seedbombing. Now lets hope for rain!

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