Between showers!

Now it´s a week since I posted last time, It seems like the summer is over. Heavy rain and wind is making my sunflowers stop growing.
I started the work with taking away the fence, I had almost done half of the plot. It took some time because I tied every plant to a little support-stick, because of the wind.  Between the heavy rainclouds that passed over us today there was flashes of sunshine. Immediately bees and bumblebees where flying around, seeking for some food. The tallest plant this week has passed the record with two centimeters, 140 cm. And it´s still going to bloom, nearly half of the plants are going to bloom. Keep your fingers crossed!

1 comment
  1. Cecilia Darle said:

    Vad fint det ser ut. Hoppas det blir fler soliga dagar, som idag.

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