BBQ potluck supper

Today the sun has been shining on the plants and they´re growing, some fast, some slow…various quality of the seeds I guess. Some are very powerful and have now grown over the fence.

Moysis brought some student from the camp to look at the field, they were enthusiastic about the art project and I´m sure some of them will show ut at the harvesting-party and the vernissage! They showed me a giant beenest on one of the cabins, amazing stucture and color!:)

Zenab came by to say that she couldn´t come to the bbq –  but she will try to come next time! She also offered me one of the plants she has got by her door, if i would need to repalce one of mine! Very sweet!:)  I´ll probably need it soon, there is one plant that doesn´t feel good.

Finally we became six persons round the dinnertable. One could say that we represented Island, Tanzania, England/ Karabien, Greece and Sweden. It was very interesting to discuss varios of things, like the swedes relationship to alcohol and other cultural differrences among us. They had made quite a few interesing obervations of swedes and drinking!;)  There was many laughs!!:)







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