Attacks on my plants again!:(

The rabbits have found the field and they seems to like it, about 10 plants where chopped off past night!:( Unfortunally they also payed Zenab a visit and eate the two sunflowers she took yesterday and every other flower blooming in her little flowerbox!:(
Now I can´t hope that it was a one time event, I´ll have to start protect the plants if I want to have any left for the exhibition in autumn…

Im off to Bauhouse and buy material for fencing the plants, it´s awfully much job to do but I feel that I have no choise if I want to continue the project…

I had a tip to poure out “Blodmjöl” (swedish) to keep the rabbits away from the plants, I bought two boxes and poured it out around the field. Hopefully it will keep the rabbits away!!

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