Volunteer showed up!

Zenab came by and took care of some plants that I was culling away! She have a little plantation outside her cabin, were she grove some flowers and nourish peoples unwanted plants.
I also met Mahtab in the laundryroom, she told me she was going to stay here all summer and would like to help me with the watering. Nice!

The Landlord were around the place. He was very busy and turned down my invitation to look at the plants with me. He asked if I were going to support the plants with sticks or something against the wind? Obviously he has been thinking about the practical side of growing a sunflowerfield!;)
I´m more worried about rabbits, but there were no attacks this morning.

I continued my investigation about why the plants near the edge of the field are so tiny. I found out that the ground under the smallest plants were mostly clay, hard and wet, obviously not the best condition to make sunflowers prosper. I started to replace the clayearth with soil and the tinyest plants with stronger ones.

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