Planting a sunflowerfield in Huvudsta

Student-campus in HuvudstaToday, 6th of june, the Swedish Nationalday 2012, is the very day for planting a sunflowerfield in Huvudsta student-campus in Solna. What can be better to do a day like this, than planting sunflower seeds together with foreign students?!

A week ago i started to put up posters, knocking on doors, asking people if they wanted to join in the project. I tried to knock on so many doors I could and I had a few enthusiastic responses. This morning I receved an email from one person that wanted to participate in my project, that made me very happy!:)

But still, I was a little bit nervous and worried about the hole thing when I arrived at the studio to bring the last things and meet my collegue Kristina. We took the car and bought a lot of planting soil and some sweets to cheer us up!;)

Well, the first person showed up at 11 o´clock and we started to dig holes and soon the second person showed up!;) We worked for a while and we were getting along very welll digging. Then there was three more enthusiastic friends that came along and helped us out with the planting and the watering part!

We made 101 holes, the field is about ten meters on the longest side, whitch is the side to the road. The field is formed as a triangle. The weather was absolutley perfect, not to warm, but still a nice sunshine now and then!:)

Later at night when I got home, I wrote a letter to the landlord to ask about permission to take water from the house and I got his blessing! Thank you!:)

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