Monthly Archives: June 2012

Moyses, Dawn and I met and we tested if the watertube would reach the plants from NIkos house, it did and we had about twenty meters left on the carriage!:)








After that i tried to start the new trimmer, but I failed or if the machine did?  I´ll have to take it back to the store and ask them for help or a new one!:(


Hi Annelie,

There was plenty of rain today, so no need for watering. Next watering (my turn) due in 3/4 days, which will be next Tues/Wed.



It rains today, thats very good for the plants!:)

I borrowed a car  to buy a  50 meter long watertube on weels and a grass-trimmer. Now it´s raining so we wont need to water the plot for a couple of days, but still I think it´s good to have the equipment ready when we need it, cause we defenitly will!;)

I spoke to the landlord and got permission to store the watertube in the landryhouse. I also knocked on Moyses door and he was kind to keep the trimmer and the fuel can in his house.

The sprouts looks fine and I had to cull a few that was comming to close to each other.

I watered the sunflowers today and I came across with a very pleasant surprise. Most of them have started growing and already the first leaves were visible.

One week since we planted the seedbombs and they have really exploded! I had no idea that the birdsfood – sunflower seeds-  i bought this winter was so fertile!!  I Had to thin out, cull very many sprouts, just leaving two or three shoots in each hole. Dawn helped me with this task.